How to Configure Elasticsearch on Magento 2.X.X

Elasticsearch is an open-source product that allows scalable search and analytics. Known for its speed, scalability, distributed nature and simple REST APIs, it searches and visualizes data in real-time. This article will take you through the procedures involved in the configuration of Elasticsearch both during the installation of Magento and post the Magento installation.


Why Magento Needs Optimization?

In this blog, you will understand the need to optimize Magento website, and the affecting factors such as mobile conversion, page loading, etc. Further, Google’s decision on badging slow and fast loading websites, and fine-tuning being the ultimate solution for a future-proof ecommerce business.

All about Magento Installation Process

Magento, an Adobe Company is the most trusted and popular e-commerce platform in trend. It is the 3rd most popular in the top 10k sites and 5th most popular in India under e-commerce category. Let’s see how to install this highly scalable and SEO optimized platform using packages.

Things to Know Before You Test Magento

One such recent development in the Magento family was that migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Everywhere testing an e-commerce sites/platform demands an onerous effort. So, what happens when a complex e-commerce platform undergoes a migration? What decisive steps must be undertaken while testing an upgraded e-commerce platform?


How to Run Automation Testing in Magento

To overcome the real-time challenges faced by an e-commerce site, a mere automation feature doesn’t suffice, indeed an Automation Testing has to be integrated for Multi-vendor Marketplace. Here, an end-to-end guide of running an Automated Testing for all regression scenarios in Magento using Selenium, MFTF and TestNG Framework have been discussed.

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How to Install Magento using Terraform on Ubuntu system

Installing Magento on your Ubuntu system requires the installation of some basic technologies such as the facility of a cloud provider, Nginx Server, PHP, Firewall, etc. It takes almost half-day time in order to install all these technologies with proper configuration. But by using a single Terraform shell-script, you can install the whole set up within 7 to 10 mins with minimal human interaction. Let’s see how to do it.

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