Author name: Oviya


Understanding DevOps with Real-Life IT Scenarios

DevOps seems to be a cliche word yet happens to be the secret pillar behind every successful and influential company like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Etsy and Netflix. It appears to be a prudent practice for every company that wishes to survive and succeed in the on-going market battle. Here in this article, you are going to see the necessity, cause and effect and the outcomes of choosing and implementing the DevOps practice with the help of real-life IT scenarios. 


Why Magento Needs Optimization?

In this blog, you will understand the need to optimize Magento website, and the affecting factors such as mobile conversion, page loading, etc. Further, Google’s decision on badging slow and fast loading websites, and fine-tuning being the ultimate solution for a future-proof ecommerce business.

Things to Know Before You Test Magento

One such recent development in the Magento family was that migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Everywhere testing an e-commerce sites/platform demands an onerous effort. So, what happens when a complex e-commerce platform undergoes a migration? What decisive steps must be undertaken while testing an upgraded e-commerce platform?

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