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How to Build and Create a Job in Jenkins

The Jenkins “Freestyle” job enables you to build sequential tasks in the application lifecycle. Yet at the same time, there are some post-build actions that are limited in its nature. With the help of plugins, you can easily overthrow these restrictions and extend the Jenkins functionality so as to use its benefits to the fullest. Here in this article, we are going to create the basic Freestyle Project, (one of the flexible and easy projects to be built) in Jenkins.

Setting Up Nginx Server Blocks for Magento

Nginx can be used to host multiple websites on a single server which reduces the extensive process of creating a new server for the site. Nginx on Ubuntu 18.04 holds an enabled server block by default which is generally configured to serve the documents out of directory at /var/www/html. In the case of serving multiple sites, an additional directory needs to be created. Let’s see how to create one.

All about Magento Installation Process

Magento, an Adobe Company is the most trusted and popular e-commerce platform in trend. It is the 3rd most popular in the top 10k sites and 5th most popular in India under e-commerce category. Let’s see how to install this highly scalable and SEO optimized platform using packages.


Effective Ways to Optimize the Performance of Nginx Server

Apart from being the HTTP server efficiency, Nginx can also function as a reverse proxy, proxy server (for mail), load balancer and HTTP cache server. Thus, optimizing the web server like Nginx to achieve an effective performance is not a simple thing and needs effective implementation too. To achieve this effective performance, follow the optimization of the below parameters.

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