Installing Varnish on Ubuntu 18.04

The Varnish is a web application accelerator and caching HTTP reverse proxy installed to reduce the loading time of web pages and thereby, to increase the web server’s speed and performance. Generally, Varnish will be installed in front of your web server to act as an absolute boon for content-heavy dynamic sites. Let’s see how to install Varnish on an operating system like Ubuntu.

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How to Install Magento using Terraform on Ubuntu system

Installing Magento on your Ubuntu system requires the installation of some basic technologies such as the facility of a cloud provider, Nginx Server, PHP, Firewall, etc. It takes almost half-day time in order to install all these technologies with proper configuration. But by using a single Terraform shell-script, you can install the whole set up within 7 to 10 mins with minimal human interaction. Let’s see how to do it.

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