How to Configure Elasticsearch on Magento 2.X.X

Elasticsearch is an open-source product that allows scalable search and analytics. Known for its speed, scalability, distributed nature and simple REST APIs, it searches and visualizes data in real-time. This article will take you through the procedures involved in the configuration of Elasticsearch both during the installation of Magento and post the Magento installation.


How to Install and Configure Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 20.04

Elasticsearch is a free and open source analytics and full-text search engine, i.e. fully document-based rather than schema and tables. It is widely-used for enabling search functionality for applications, i.e to search various kinds of data such as products, blog posts, categories on a web-shop, blogs and other product-based sites and applications. In this article, you’ll go through how to install and configure Elasticsearch on Ubuntu 20.04

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