How to build a site like groupon or livingsocial

How to build a site like groupon or livingsocial

How to build a site like groupon or livingsocial

Well. You want to build your own group buying sites? Are you confuse about how to start and where to start? You are at the right place. We will take you to the complete step by step procedure involved in building the group buy site for your market.

What is Groupon Clone?

Groupon Clone is an web application that mimics the functionality of popular group buying websites like, LivingSocial and many others. Group Buying is a concept that rely on collective buying power of group of consumers come together to buy the single product and get a greater discounts. There is a win-win situation for both consumers and merchants without compromising the quality of service or products offered. It helps the merchants to mass advertise his/her newly launched product/service and sell in mass numbers to his own market/location. Group buying concept has been made popular and pioneered by “”. So the daily-deals web application has interchangeably referred as Groupon clone. We will use the same in rest of our article too.

How to start a Group buying business and key points to remember.

You wanted to start a group buying site because of its huge potential to attract lots of customers and the revenue it can produce. The business that involves dealing with mass consumers will need huge consideration to the quality of the service and experience we offer to them. You have to be very cautious about what you offer to them. So craft your business model accordingly.

Good business model needs quality software to accompany it. Running a successful Group Buying website means that you deal with very large number of peoples in your targeted market. So you should be very confident about the security of application that stores and manages huge volumes of customer data. It is also very important that you provide your customers rich experience and appeal to make them come again and again. So, good software is the key.

How to chose between staggering numbers groupon clone’s available in Market?

Searching in Google for “Groupon Clone” will get you about 100+ companies selling Groupon clone scripts selling at unreasonably low prices, each built on their own custom programming. There exists some good scripts. But what is lagging is the support and maintenance of the code during the lifetime of your business. Most of these companies build scripts so urgently to capitalize on high demand among entrepreneurs for Groupon like websites and move on to other projects once they finish selling them.

Even if the Group Buying concept is relatively new to the market, it is just another type of eCommerce business. So it is a good idea to find a reliable, secured, time-proven and best open source e-commerce application available in the market and add the functionality of Group Buy Scripts feature to it. The advantage is, you need not bother about the standard features that is common for any e-commerce applications as compared to custom programmed scripts from 100+ Groupon clone companies. Those companies are touting and marketing even those standard basic features (like customer-login, forgot password, order history.. ) in e-commerce application as their highlight-feature while selling their clone scripts. There is a high chance that, they would be messed-up and bugged on these basic features too.

If you are convinced to look-out for existing eCommerce applications as a base for your group buying site and you search in google for best e-commerce application in world, you will zeroed upon “Magento eCommerce“.

Advantage of Magento eCommerce

Growing popularity of Magento attracted many big players in the e-commerce industry to port Magento over them. (eBay recently acquired Magento). Main advantage of Magento is that, its an open source project and is written on top of Zend framework. It has been supported my thousands of active community members across the world. (for complete reference, please visit

For those who knows magento beforehand, we need not praise more about what it offers. For newbies, we highly recommend you to check out its interface its official site.

Extensions available for Groupon functions in Magento

Lets now to come to the core part. the Groupon extensions available and made for Magento. Knowing the huge demand and requests from our potential clients for bringing the Groupon feature in magento, we’ve decided to build a standalone extension for Magento eCommerce.

Our primary goal was that, it should strictly conform to the standards of programming Magento without modifying or altering even a single line of code from Magento core packaging. The reason is, altering the core Magento packages will prevent our customers from upgrading Magento versions and applying updates in future.

Our groupon clone script is build with all the features requested from our various clients with due consideration to its quality. For complete features of our module and for a demo please check out our product page, Groupon Clone .

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